The Business of Cleaning

When you have a need for cleaning, you want someone who has the experience and the knowledge to complete the Business of Cleaning efficiently and effectively every time.

At Davdot we have put our 30+ years of experience to good use with the development and implementation of our 3 Step Integrated Cleaning Management process to ensure your total satisfaction.

The 3 steps are:

  1. Our Daily Cleaning Checklist.
  2. Our Quality Assurance Inspection Report.
  3. Our Corrective Action Request process.

Our Daily Cleaning Checklist

All staff on every job carry and use a ‘Daily Cleaning Checklist’ specific to that job.

The checklist is developed by our management to communicate the client’s needs and expectations to the on-duty cleaner clearly and without ambiguity.

Through this checklist we provide the link between the client and the on-duty cleaner.

While every checklist is developed individually, examples of common inclusions are:

  • Remove rubbish from all areas and replace bin liners as required.
  • Vacuum all floors.
  • Spot clean all glass.
  • Thoroughly clean and sanitise all toilets.

Our Quality Assurance Inspection Report

The Daily Cleaning Checklist is, of course, only as good as it’s implementation and we recognise that not every person is perfect for every minute. And it’s with this in mind that Davdot management implement the second part of our 3 part process.

The Quality Assurance Inspection Report is used by management to review the quality of the on-duty cleaner’s work, rating each individual element of work from one of four fundamental measures:

  • Excellent
  • Satisfactory
  • Requires Attention
  • Requires Urgent Attention

Depending on the quality of the work completed in each area we may, if necessary, issue a Corrective Action Request.

Our Corrective Action Request process

The Corrective Action Request provides the process for review and feedback from Davdot management to the on-duty cleaner.

If there is any area of the cleaning process that is not up to the Davdot standard a Corrective Action Request is provided to the cleaner with clear written instructions for correction and also clear information regarding the implications of failure to correct.

Colour Coded Cleaning

Our 3 Step Integrated Cleaning Management process is supported with our use of the Colour Coding Guide for cleaning. This Colour Coding Guide is an integral part of our cleaning processes.

This guide ensures there is no cross contamination as equipment used in one area does NOT transfer germs, bugs, and other unsavoury nasties to a less germ infected area.

The colours and their meanings are:

  • YELLOW Infectious areas
  • GREEN Kitchen areas
  • WHITE Operating theatres
  • RED Bathroom areas
  • BLUE General cleaning

Meeting and Exceeding Your Cleaning Expectations

We know cleaning. We have been in the business for over 30 years. We understand your expectations and we know how to not just meet them but exceed them.

Below is a quick overview of three key points for a range of facility types. These lists are far from exhaustive but demonstrate to you that we understand and address your needs. We would welcome the opportunity to talk with you about a more comprehensive list for your facility type.

Office buildings:

Security is of primary importance to you. All our staff are police checked and wear personal ID badges at all times.
Providing pleasant working environment for your staff is ensured as we clean toilets every day, dust every work space every day, vacuum every day, and clean kitchens every day.
Hygiene and detailed cleaning helps ensure the health and well being of your staff. Our Colour Coded cleaning guide is key to meeting this need.


With children of all ages and interests running around clean toilets are paramount. Clean toilets in our schools is our number one priority.
Regular dusting is important where children and adults can suffer from allergies, asthma, and hay fever.
Clean, well maintained floors helps ensure the comfort and safety of children and staff alike.


OH&S and requirements ensure the health and safety of your staff is a high priority. We help in this area with a thorough floor cleaning everyday, ensuring there is no oil spills left on the floor or anything similar.
Clean, pleasant toilets help provide a ‘nice’ environment for your workers that spend much of their working day in the factory or warehouse. We clean and sanitise the toilets every day for you.
Dust levels can sometimes be a concern in factories. Our cleaning processes including dusting, mopping, and wiping various areas considerate of the need to reduce and minimise dust levels.


Hospitals, of course, require the highest standard of cleaning with hygiene being essential. Our high quality chemicals are the basis for our commitment to the required standard.
Avoiding cross contamination is vital within a hospital. Our use of the Colour Code Guide is imperative in this situation.
Clean, uncluttered floors are essential for safe and efficient movement around the hospital for staff, patients and visitors alike. Davdot Facility Services clean and mop floors everyday when working with hospitals.

Nursing Homes:

Incontinence is an unfortunate fact of life with Nursing Homes guests and staff. Our cleaning processes review and clean where appropriate.
Clean and hygienic toilets are essential for the elderly. We thoroughly clean the toilets daily when working with Nursing Homes.
Clean and uncluttered floors are necessary for safe movement by the elderly. Our daily floor cleaning is undertaken in a manner and at a time that minimises disruption.

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